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Cycle to work schemeCycling to work?

Considering bike commuting?

Confused by the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Taking your bike to work is cheaper than taking your car, more convenient than public transport and faster than walking.  Cycling is extremely good for your health; cycling just a few miles to work every day (or even once a week) will improve your well-being, reduce your risk of serious illness and will likely help you lose weight.

There are many organisations here in the UK who are keen to promote cycle-commuting as a choice that is not only beneficial to the cyclist, but also helps reduce pollution and minimises the carbon footprint of both the employer and employee.

If you’re considering trying out cycling to work we’re here to help in three ways:

  1. For encouragement you can read about the experiences of folk who are already taking their bike to work
  2. If you’re considering buying a bicycle for your commute then we’ve got some bike recommendations
  3. A lot of employers have signed up to one of the many ‘Cycle to Work’ schemes, we’re building a resource to help you and your employee to get the most from bike-purchase schemes

Biking to work can be more than just a way of commuting, it can lead onto a fully blown cycling-obsession, a truly beautiful thing indeed.  But then we would say that wouldn’t we.  So before we leave you to have a look around the website we’ll leave you with one thought:

Cars run on money and make you fat, bikes run on fat and save you money!

Cycle to work schemeBike recommendations for cycling to work

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